Seoul, KOREA

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This is my second visit to Seoul in just 3 months. I visited in Summer and had to come in again in winter, knowing it will be heavy snowing under the minus degrees simply it is all about skiing. We know the ski mountains are awesome and the snow is fine and light.. got to test it out. Love Korean bimbibap and all about the shopping, 24 hours shopping and ladies pampering whilst in Korea. Korean guys are good looking, and love the K-Pop music, sadly the day I left Seoul is the day TaeYoung had a meet the fans photo signing and the previous trip missed Rain’s concert. The next trip I will make sure I get all the events noted ahead.

People are friendly, helpful and courteous though to many they sounded loud, but it’s more of their way of expressing themselves. I love Seoul, Korea!

Christmas in Taipei City

Taipei is quite a magnificent city! The weather was not good at this time of year, wet, grey, gloomy and chilly. Christmas decorations everywhere in the city and in almost every shopping mall, love the sight and Christmas song played outside of malls along the walkway.

Taipei is all about desserts and more desserts. I like the people, friendly and soft spoken… that’s my Taipei city!

BOY Photo Shoot